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Holiday season is coming!

…And that means that Holiday food is coming. Many people find the holidays a very tough time to keep control of their diet. There is so much sugar floating in the you are likely to get a sugar crash just from breathing! However, the holidays don’t have to be a time of dissapointment and failure from a dietary perspective. 

Most fitness blogs and trainers will start talking holiday action plan the week of thanksgiving. That’s all well and good, but it set people up for failure. In my experience, clients don’t go from zero to hero with their diet in a single week. Now is the time to start shaping up. Starting now will give you a few weeks to get used to a new diet strategy. You will have time to find what triggers cravings, or causes you to binge. You will have time to figure out snacks that can keep you on the wagon. You will have time to figure out how to grocery shop and maybe even plan a healthy meal on turkey day. Bottom line, when Thanksgiving rolls around this year you will be prepared, and being prepared is 80% of the battle. 

Now to give you a head start, I am going to let in on a little secret. I love cranberry sauce. The canned stuff however is no good, and homemade cranberry sauce has a full cup of sugar! Me and my wife have figured out that you can make a delicious cranberry sauce with pineapple juice and stevia instead. It cuts some of the calories and is certainly a healthier option! Disclaimer though, pineapple juice is naturally high in sugar, so I won’t call this guilt free, but as long as you limit your portion, it is a healthy way to enjoy a traditional food.

As part of this blog series, I want to add a section at the end called Exercise of the Week. I’ll post an exercise, and what it’s benefits are. Try and get the exercise in twice a week and expand you workout cache! This week the exercise is The Deadlift! A favorite of bodybuilders and powerlifters alike, the deadlift is a great exercise for all fitness levels. A good deadlift  works the quads, hams, glutes, ab, and back. Its a lot of bang for you buck and great for those on a time crunch. It can be performed with a barbell or dumbbells. Aim for 1-3 sets of 3-8 with a moderate to heavy weight. Enjoy!



(I didn’t draw this, this guy did-

This is good form, the back is nice and flat. Remember to keep the abs tight and drive your hips forward, not up. You should come to a standing position in one motion, and not like a hinge with your hips moving up first, then using your back to lift the weight.

Thats all for now!




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