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Nutrition Vs. Exercise

One of the questions I here most often from my clients is, “which is more important to focus on, nutrition or exercise?” This is always a tough one to answer. On the one hand my job is to work people out, so for my business to continue, I should probably tell clients exercise is more important. On the other hand, I know that excellent nutrition will accomplish the most in helping someone with their weight loss goals. The truth though is more complicated than either answer.

Nutrition will account for up to 80% of your results, no matter what you goals. Whether you want to gain muscle or lose fat, you diet will make or break any workout plan. Notice I said up to 80%. That’s if you stick to you diet plan perfectly.  To be perfectly honest, if your goal is to lose weight, you can lose all of it with little to no exercise at all with perfect nutrition (not the case with weight gain clients, sorry). Here’s the kicker though to eat perfectly, you have to know all of your allergies and sensitivities, as well as what foods work best with your body, and know your exact caloric expenditure every single day. This is not a probable feat. This is where exercise comes in. If you focus on your diet and are very strict with what you eat, exercise will accelerate your results, and (again speaking mostly to the weight loss crowd here, for people trying to gain its about a 50/50 focus on diet and exercise) cover slip ups in your diet.  Exercise will also motivate to keep improving your diet, because eating better will make workouts easier and provide you with the energy to stay active throughout the day. The more energy you have, the more you workout. The more you workout the better your results and the more motivated you are to stay on track with your diet. Health feeds on itself.

Now I would not advocate you do only one or the other, both have benefits. I tell my clients to focus on diet as a weight loss tool, and exercise as both an accelerator, and health improvement tool. See the benefit of exercise goes beyond weight loss. Exercise relieves stress, strengthens the heart and bone, and can be fun believe it or not. So sorry if this post wasn’t the answer you were looking for. Both nutrition and exercise are very important, and my hope is that you strive for excellence in both.


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