fitness should be natural

Back In Action

I know that I have not updated this blog in quite a while. The thing is in September I got married, and then moved into an apartment. To save cash we did not get Internet. Until now. So with a brand new modem, and apartment wide wireless, I plan on reviving this blog and bringing you tips and tricks to improve your diet and fitness.

In my off-time, I have not been idle. In December, I received my CSCS credentials from the NSCA. I was ecstatic at the news that I had passed the test, and felt I finally completed my degree ( I had planned upon graduating OSU with my Exercise Science degree to get the CSCS credential, but financial and time constraints hindered my progress).

As far as fitness goes, I have been changing my workouts lately. I recently have had success with countdown sequences. A countdown sequence involves two or more exercises performed alternately for x sets and x reps as fast as you can. For example, you could do 10 burppees, followed immediately by 10 squats, then immediately do 9 burppees then 9 squats, and so on until you get down to one. These sequences can be strung together to get a high intensity workout, or performed before and/or after you regular workout for added cardio.

That’s all for this week, and I hope to be back posting on a regular basis.


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