fitness should be natural

Pillars of Health

     Lately, I have been thinking about getting back to the basics. What things really contribute to good health? What should all people do regardless of age or health status? This is where the concept for the “Pillars of Health” began. Of course, these are in my opinion, however as an experienced personal trainer, with a BS in Exercise Science, I like to believe that my opinion is well informed. So without further ado, I present (at least the first few) pillars of health.

Walk 30 min. each and every day.

     Walking should be the base of any fitness program. Barring extreme conditions, everyone can do it. It is good for you fitness level, as well as you mind, amongst other things. Walking helps to maintain ideal body weight and promotes overall good health. If it is one thing a reader takes away from this blog it should be to spend 30 min. walking every day.

Drink Water.

     I cannot begin to count the number of clients I have who drink less than 20 oz of water a day. I was once guilty of this myself, and I was once overweight. If you aren’t getting fluids from water, you are likely getting them in the form of high calorie drinks. These drinks are empty calories and are stopping you from losing weight, if not causing you to gain weight! Do yourself a favor and stop drinking yourself into obesity. Drink more water.

Eat Real Food.

     The food you put on your plate every day should be as whole and natural as it can possibly agree. I am not going to beat around the bush any longer, I think grains are simply bad for you. Grain based products (wheat, corn, and rice to name a few) are far to high in carbohydrate, often contain lots of sugar, and are among the most, if not the most outright, processed foods on the planet. Furthermore, they are some of the most genetically modified foods on earth. Processed grains and carbohydrate over-indulgence are the cause of weight gain in America. When you eat, you should eat real food. Whole vegetables, real whole cuts of meat, and fresh fruit should make up 90% of your diet.

     That’s all for now. In the future, I would like to continue to put out different “Pillars,” but as of right now, these are the most important. If you struggle with weight or health, I urge you to at least start with these changes. Nobody is perfect, and I am just now finding these habits are a daily occurrence for me, but I keep moving forward. Best of luck,



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