fitness should be natural

CLA Supplementation

     CLA is a hot supplement in the fitness industry right now. Chances are that if you use supplements at all, you have heard of the stuff. A recent study in the Journal of Nutrition unfortunately shows no effect from CLA supplementation on body composition in obese men (here). So, if you were hoping CLA was the magic pill to end your battle with weight loss, look elsewhere. Now, other studies have shown that CLA can help fight the bulge, so whats my recommendation? Get your CLA naturally from quality meat and fish. I will always recommend, for the most part, natural foods over supplements. The nutritional content in natural foods is more bioavailable than in supplements, and you enjoy them more than swallowing a pill (I’m assuming).

     For those of you that are interested, I only recommend 3 supplements my to my clients. The first is always a multi-vitamin. Whether its time, money or both, it is hard to eat a diet that contains every vitamin and mineral you need in a day, so a multi-vitamin helps fill the gaps. The second is a potent fish oil. Fish oil protects your heart, decreases inflammation, and balances your omega-3/omega-6 ration (Americans eat way too much omega-6, primarily from vegetable oils, but that’s another article). Lastly, for my athlete clients, I recommend a quality, low-carb, protein powder. The reason I do this is because athletes have elevated protein needs, and it simply is very difficult to get enough protein without supplementation. Whey protein has some other benefits as well, but for the most part it comes down to convienence. Thats it. Depending on where you shop, you can get all this for under $50. Other than that, eat and enjoy real food!



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