fitness should be natural

Why is diet important?

     It is a question that people never really think about. The always “know” they need to “eat better.” Most people know that what they eat translates in large part into what they look like, but do they know what and how to eat properly? Why is what I eat important?

     To start things off, your diet directly affects how healthy you are. A bad diet cannot be compensated for with vitamins and exercise. Exercise may help you keep weight of, and vitamins may help fill nutritional gaps, but the truth is you can only exercise for so long and vitamins can only fill so many holes. Proper nutrition is a chance to improve your health every 2-3 hours of each and every day of your life. Choose the right foods, and you will have the body you were genetically designed to have. Choose the wrong ones and you limit you potential. I know there are many factors working against us. Good food isn’t cheap, and cheap food isn’t good. The government preaches a diet that is increasing Americas waistlines. I am passionate about nutrition because poor nutrition is slow suicide.

     Am I being too dramatic? I don’t think so. With obesity in america on a continued rise, I don’t think I am being dramatic enough. However, I am not a person to dwell on the negative. Rather than think about past failures, its time to start succeeding. Eating well can be very simple. Every time you eat, think to yourself, is this the best choice for my body? If you fuel your body with lean meats, fruits, veggies, and very limited or no grains, than yes you are making the best choice. It’s really that simple. Eat whole unprocessed foods. eat lots of veggies and moderate fruits. Severely limit grains and legumes.

     Here is the key to losing weight. Just do it. Eat well and exercise. If you need help because you struggle on your own, get it. ” But J, I couldn’t possible give up bread, or wine, or margarine!” Yes you can. Those are weak excuses, you will not die without those things. If weight loss is your goal, you have to be 100% strict, or you will not lose. Plain and simple. That said, when (not if) you mess up, move on. It will not help you in the least to dwell on the past. We are all human.

     Hopefully, this tough love can coax you back on track. I desire for all my clients and friends (and the world) to live healthy lives. If I have to get tough to do that, so be it, but I truly believe it is to benefit the world. Take back control of your lives! Kick the food addiction, and experience that much more freedom!



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